“I got over my terrible addictions to sugar and caffeine with Anne and Sandy-- I feel so much better, and more in control now!"

— brooke m.

"After just 6 sessions of neurofeedback I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time".

-liam b.

I lost 75 lbs on the Re-Set Plan with Anne and Sandy. I feel like I was released from a prison!
— VAL G.

"I have had many energy healers work on me. As a certified Healing Touch Practitioner myself, I can tell when practitioners are clear and know what they are doing. Sandy and Anne are powerful energy practitioners and have helped me through some difficult times."

— lonnie h.


“If you are looking for help with your nutrition and health, I highly recommend going to Brainworks of Oregon.  Ann and Sandy are nurses and nutritional therapists, who are very knowledgeable on nutrition and thoughtful about the whole process of getting a person to true better health.  They are your “support team” in this journey and mean it.  

I have been frustrated for a long time on my health and the traditional medical and health industries as a whole.  After going and listening to a couple of their talks on “Gut & Brain Health” and on the “Brain & Neurofeedback” I decided to go meet them and see if they could help me.  After a personal meeting and consultation, I decided to try them. 

Ann and Sandy have made a huge difference to help my understanding of the complicated and confusing world that health and eating have become.  They have helped me to understand what my body needs, the gut healing I needed to do to succeed with my goals, and to have true better eating habits for my body.

Ann and Sandy care about their clients’ health.  They want to teach us the importance of providing healthy fuel for our bodies, which is what food really is to our bodies, and they are there for you with any questions or concerns you may have on the journey to better health. 

If you are wanting better health or eating habits for a longer, happier life, please go to one of their talks or stop by the office to talk to them, it will be worth it.

Thanks Ann and Sandy for helping with my health and being a part of the Central Oregon Healing Community!”

– Maria C.