Concussion Care


At BrainWorks of Oregon, we collaborate with your doctors who provide concussion evaluation and care.

When a person experiences a concussion, inflammation (swelling) occurs in the brain.  This inflammation may cause neurological symptoms.  

There is also a connection between the brain and the digestive system via the vagus nerve. It is very common for a person with a concussion to develop digestive issues within 3 days. Poor digestion creates inflammation in the gut, also known as leaky gut. Leaky gut allows proteins and toxins into the bloodstream, creating inflammation throughout the body, including the brain.  At a time when it is important to decrease inflammation in the brain, a cycle is created of brain inflammation creating gut inflammation, which continues to create brain inflammation.  This makes it much more difficult for the brain to heal and prolongs neurological symptoms.


At BrainWorks of Oregon, Sandy and Anne draw upon their extensive experience as critical care nurses and Certified Nutritional Therapists to decrease the inflammation in your brain and heal digestive issues. They utilize a protocol of food, supplements and essential oils (topically). Additionally, they perform basic neurological assessments at each visit to track your progress.

For those who are interested in additional brain healing modalities, we also offer neurofeedback to improve brain function affected by trauma.


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