Digestion is a north to south process, beginning with the brain (the sight and smell of food) and ending with elimination of feces. There are 5 major organs of digestion. All are important and when not functioning well can cause symptoms that many people are familiar with, like; gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea and more.

Often the medical research community looks at the body in parts and systems that work independently of each other. This may be part of the reason that the United States is rated 37th in the industrialized world in healthcare (according to the World Health Organization). Exciting recent research has shown that another key piece to good digestion is our Microbiome (the good bacteria in our gut). It has become clear that the health of the brain is related to the integrity of the lining of the gut. There is evidence which links inflammation in the gut (stomach and intestines) to some of the most deadly and debilitating diseases. 


We at BrainWorks of Oregon work to assist people to a higher level of health according to the philosophy of Weston A. Price. We work with a client to find where they may have inflammation and/or nutritional defficiencies, what organ of digestion may be involved with dysfunction or areas to support for optimization of health. We then support the body to heal inflammation and improve absorption and utilization of nutrients. We educate our clients on using nutrient dense foods, prepared with traditional cooking methods. We believe Hippocrates had it right. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". 

During the healing phase a client may need supplemental support to assist the body with achieving balance. Our protocols use professional grade supplements. Sometimes getting digestion on track is all that a client needs to feel better. We often find that a client needs to be assisted with detoxification and brain training to achieve their health goals. 

Anne and Sandy offer the ability to take our extensive experience as Registered Nurses, our experience with nutrition, energy work and neurofeedback to look at the body from an allopathic AND holistic perspective to educate and support a client’s journey to achieve the health they deserve.