We’re here to help you take control of your own health whether it’s through the gut, brain or both.


Nutritional therapy

By working with your bodies innate intelligence for the best solution we use food and supplements as tools for healing and guide you in an individualized way.



Our world today has so many more toxins that the need for detoxification is even greater than ever before. We can guide you through a safe detox that includes binders to assist toxins out of the body.



Trauma to the brain can affect your brain's function. The good news is we can retrain your brain with neurofeedback. Click here for the conditions, including brain injury, treated by neurofeedback.



There are 5 major organs of digestion. All are important and when not functioning well can cause symptoms that many people are familiar with, like; gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea and more. We work with our clients to find the source of the problem then put together a plan for healing.


Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is a safe, natural practice that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and facilitates healing. Energy therapy utilizes the life force energy that continually flows through us, providing life and vitality. When your life force energy is low, there is a higher chance of sickness and stress.


Classes & Events

Both Sandy and Anne are committed to help you become your own health advocate through educational classes and events. They teach classes about neurofeedback, digestion, detoxification, nutrition and more.